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Learn amazing lighting tips from an industry pro!!!

The Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers

Knowing how to control light as a professional wedding photographer means you can deliver amazing imagery, no matter what the situation. We have partnered with Roberto Valenzuela to pull 26 key tips from his #1 bestseller book, Picture Perfect Lighting. In this guide, Roberto will show you:

  • 5 types of available light on every shoot and how to manipulate them
  • 10 tips to quickly assess and utilize the available light
  • Backlight, Fill light, Window Light, and Direct Sunlight Strategies
  • 5 techniques for accurately adding flash to any image

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“With this guide, ShootDotEdit and Rocky Nook have created the perfect overview of my book. These two resources go hand-in-hand, and the guide provides the perfect sneak peek into the core elements that my book can teach you for becoming a master of light.” - Roberto Valenzuela