4 Simple Product Ideas That Make You Money

Webinar: Product Ideas Clients Will Love for Wedding Photographers

Thank you for accessing our 4 Simple Product Ideas Your Clients Will Love Webinar with Jared Platt, supported by Blurb! The webinar is now over - but don't worry, we put together a recap with the top 5 tips Jared shared. Click here to read the blog post and discover Jared's tips for making money with products!

Meet your hosts

Jared Platt Headshot

Jared Platt is a professional destination wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the photo industry’s recognized workflow and efficiency expert and holds a Master of Fine Arts in the Photographic Studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University. 

Jared Bauman Headshot

Jared Bauman is a Co-Founder and President of ShootDotEdit, the First Choice post processing partner for the Wedding Pro, and everything they shoot. Prior to ShootDotEdit, Jared was a professional photographer and ran a successful customer focused associate model based out of his hometown, San Diego California.