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Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing Guide

As a professional photographer, you must learn the science behind lighting and the art involved in posing in order to deliver stand out imagery, no matter what the situation. Do you have all of the skillsets necessary to deliver breathtaking images, no matter what lighting situation or subject? In the Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing Guide, ShootDotEdit and ShootProof share advanced tips and tricks for photographers to use when shooting in any scenario. Learn lighting and posing techniques from pro photographers, including Roberto Valenzuela, Lindsay Adler, and Zach and Jody Gray. This free guide teaches photographers how to:

  • Effortlessly pose clients to create stunning images every time
  • Book more clients by using natural light to shoot during any time of the day
  • Position your subjects in ways that creates a cohesive story for your images
  • Add off-camera lights to create dramatic wedding images your clients will love 

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