Secrets of Blogging for the Savvy Photographer Webinar

The Secrets of Blogging for the Savvy Photographer Webinar

During this webinar, Jeff and Erin Youngren will unlock the secrets of successful blogging to attract more clients and share the tools they use in their systematized blogging workflow that helps them blog regularly and effectively. These tools, tips, and systems will result in a blog that performs as an effective marketing tool, driving continual clients and referrals. Some of the topics will include:

  • Creating a blog strategy that yields clients
  • Setting up and automating your blogging schedule
  • Creating dynamic content that helps you rank higher on Google
  • Sharing content through social media

Meet your hosts

Jeff and Erin Youngren Headshot

Jeff and Erin are international wedding photographers, and their deeply emotional style has led them around the world to photograph extraordinary weddings and couples. As the owners of three separate photography businesses, they have developed highly effective marketing systems, giving them unique insight into the power of blogging across various markets. 

Jared Bauman Headshot

Jared Bauman is a Co-Founder and President of ShootDotEdit, the first choice post processing partner for the Wedding Pro, and everything they shoot. Prior to ShootDotEdit, Jared was a professional photographer and ran a successful customer focused associate model based out of his hometown, San Diego California.