Make $10k per wedding!!!

How to Generate $10k per Wedding Shoot Webinar

With every wedding you book, if you are not generating $10k from it, you are leaving money on the table. It might sound daunting to make 5-figures per wedding, especially if it involves selling to your clients. In our webinar, Business Coach Steve Saporito will share why you aren’t making $10k from every wedding, and how to fix that with a few simple techniques!

Throughout the webinar, Steve will also share how to:

  • Foster proper relationships with couples that lead to additional shoots
  • Fine tune your selling strategies for maximum profitability
  • Navigate conversations for natural upselling (without sounding like a sales person)

Meet your hosts

Steve Saporito has become Australia's most sought after Portrait Studio training consultant. Originally an accountant, Steve's love of photography led him to purchase a portrait studio and embark on a new career. One studio soon expanded to three, and his career shifted to training studio owners and employees using his successful systems.

Kaitlin Cooper Headshot

Kaitlin Cooper is the Marketing Coordinator at ShootDotEdit, and lives in San Diego, California. She is the driving force behind the company's creation and distribution of educational content. Kaitlin helps empower and encourage wedding photographers throughout the world with actionable and helpful tips.